1489 Shin Pond Road

Mt. Chase, ME 04765

Phone: 207-528-2900


Hunting and Fishing at Shin Pond Village


Upper and Lower Shin Pond, each being over 500 acres, are stocked with Trout and land-locked Salmon. Numerous rivers and lakes are plentiful within a fifteen minute drive.


The Shin Pond area offers excellent hunting for both big and small game. Bear season opens in September and lasts through November. Bird hunting begins the first of October. Partridge are abundant. The Moose hunt is one week in October and hunters are drawn by lottery. Deer hunting is the month of November.

MOOSE Droppings
  • An adult moose eats up to 50lbs. of leaves, twigs and bark every day.
  • A Bull Moose grows his antlers all summer. The antlers may reach more than six feet across and weigh 75lbs.
  • A Bull Moose stands six feet tall and weighs more than 00lbs.
  • Moose swim with their heads above water and can swim for miles. They gallop up to 35 mph.
  • The native Algonquins gave the Moose its name. Moose means "he who eats off trees and shrubs". The Algonquin Indians believe that moose were good omens. If you dream of Moose you will live long.
  • Moose lose 1/3 of their body weight by Springtime!

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